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Interested in working with us?

Something Different is a social enterprise which aims to provide an environment where people of all levels and abilities can come together to work to develop craft skills for several purposes.  Our aims are to:

1. Be a catalyst to help, assist and develop craft businesses, focusing on hand crafted items from individuals based within the Central Switzerland area.

2. Provide a communal and affordable workspace for working and sharing knowledge.

3. Act as a medium for craft skills to be taught and learned through classes, and to assist craft practitioners to have a means to find these teaching opportunities.

Are you are interested in exhibiting and selling your work or are interested in using the Something Different space to run arts and crafts courses?  Please send a short email to detailing your work with three or four images of the type of product you produce.  We will be back in touch shortly to discuss how we can best work with your talent.

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